birds, peaceful

Spring is here!

Muffin is in major nesting mode and Feisty is singing sparrow's spring!

Lately Muffin has been so funny. He's been climbing around the budgie cage and screaming at Feisty. Or else he whistles and makes heart shaped wings at Feisty. What? Feisty, always the friendly budgie, immediately tried to make friends with Muffin by barfing in his mouth. Muffin was so grossed out, but that's what you get when you leave your beak wide open ;-) Feisty has tried this a few more times and it always makes Muffin angry...but I don't know why Muffin is climbing around the budgie cage in the first place...or keeps doing it. Birds, man!

Here's a gratuitous photo of my big fluff:

He's cute but...
birds, peaceful

Cockatiel Art

Forgot to share this here :-) It's a 5x7" papercut that I made for an online friend. I think it's my best to date...and definitely one of my favourites too! I draw the picture on the back in reverse and cut out a silhouette.

Hello Polly

My male cockatiel came back :)))))

Hi, i'm new here,

Just wanted to share my story.

My male cockatiel flewn away 5 days ago. I saw him the second day around the building, he slept on the 3rd floor in an unreachable place.

After that i didn't see him anymore, waited & waited. Today he was flying all day around the house, & was flying low, before he used to stay high. He slept on a tree facing our house & his female partner.

I took a ladder, climbed on it & brought him back.
He looks drained of energy, his eyes are smaller hehee. He already ate a lot of his favorite sunflower seeds.

I felt like a won the lottery. I'm extremly happy. He is now sleeping safely in my house again
Muffin Buffin

Your 18" doll needs one!

Just sharing this because I thought it was super cute. There's a Canadian version of American Girls (not affiliated with that series) and they gave one of the girls a cockatiel named Piccolo. I might have been more interested in Barbie when I was a kid if she came with a big cage of budgies, LOL!