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The Cockatiel Community

for people who are owned by cockatiels.

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People Owned By Cockatiels
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This community is dedicated to the care of and education about cockatiels.

The Simple Rules:

1. Please put large pictures behind the < LJ CUT > tag.

2. All things bird-related and animal welfare-related are welcome, even if it isn't about cockatiels specifically.

3. If you want to give a new bird owner information, or offer suggestions, please do so courteously and constructively but also be straightforward.

4. Never ever EVER put down someone else's pet. I will banish you and tell other pet communities that you are an asshat.

5. NO QUIZ RESULTS. If you want to share a link to a bird/pet-related quiz that's fine, but I don't want all x-hundred members posting their results to "WHAT FEATHERED POKEMON AM I?"

6. If you post a picture of your bird perched on your cat or a hot stove or something stupid like that, or describe some kind of idiocy on your part that caused your bird to be injured or killed, don't expect us to be tactful about informing you that you need to get a clue.

7. Due to the amount of homeless pet birds and unscrupulous animal dealers out there, this community does not endorse or promote bird breeding. If you already joined this community as someone who has bred birds for quite some time, that's fine. However, if you are new to having birds and think it would be fun to let them hatch "Cute widdle chickies" of their own there's a good chance we will discourage it.

8. If you feel that you can't deal with anything mentioned in rules 1 through 7 go to another community or start your own.

This community is owned and maintained by gynocide. Also check out my other bird community, budgerigars.

Cockatiels are Love

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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